DIY IKEA Maximera Drawer Fronts

It’s no secret. I’m a big fan of IKEA’s Sektion cabinets. So much so, that I sometimes use their cabinet frames and drawer hardware as a basis of my own semi-custom cabinetry for budget-conscious clients. There are a few companies making really nice drawer fronts and doors that work with IKEA hardware and frames, but sometimes even that dizzying number of options won’t work. Sometimes, it’s a matter of matching an existing finish. Other times, it’s a large enough job that it makes more sense to produce the doors in-house, assembly-line style.

For producing your own IKEA Maximera drawer fronts, all you really need is a good template and a basic woodworking shop. This template should get you half-way there. You’re on your own for the rest 😉

Ikea drawer front layout

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