Fast shelf brackets for maximum strength

My wife’s sewing room is running out of storage space, so it’s time to go vertical. Looking around the garage, I can’t seem to find any shelf brackets, so I’m opting to make my own. In designing these, I think I may have inadvertently found a very efficient way of manufacturing them. With this design, the brackets can be made from inexpensive food and still be quite strong. Additionally, they can be glued up in long sections and cut into pieces. For instance, it would not be unreasonable to glue up 6’x7″ lumber with the 45 degree panel dadoed in, then cut them apart with a crosscut sled on the table saw.

The joinery is designed to maximize glue surface and minimize time. The dadoes for the angled slots triple surface area for glue, and the rabbet at the 90 degree joint doubles glue surface and allows for a mechanical fastener through the back that’s hidden and not just going into endgrain for extra strength. angle bracket iso

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