Tay Swift: Taylor Swift / Misfits mash-up

An artist in Nashville (unknown who) put out this t-shirt that it’s sadly out of print at this point. It’s a mash-up of the Misfits logo and Taylor Swift’s name, and I’ve always thought it was clever so I decided to shake if off and make my own. Make your own with this print-ready image. Print to a a transparency, expose a light-emulsion-coated screen, wash out the rest, and print!



Pencil Box: free sheet metal pattern

A few years ago I designed and manufactured an aluminum pencil box that I designed and built in my downtown Denver shop under the Form & Function Ltd. imprint. I am providing the blueprint for this so that you may build your own! Send this dxf file to any laser cutting service and have the design cut from 20 ga. aluminum sheet, and bend the edges on a box and pan brake.

aluminum pencil box - form and function ltd.

aluminum pencil box – form and function ltd.pencil box model